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Amanda Finck

Amanda earned a B.S. in Biology, minor in Chemistry, from Gettysburg College in December 2017. There she conducted research in Zakiya Whatley’s lab primarily studying biofilm formation. Amanda got her first taste of immuno-oncology research at Janssen with Dr. Anna Kalota establishing long-term culture conditions that sustain primary cells from AML patient samples. She later used this platform to determine correlations between T cell phenotypes and Bispecific Monoclonal Antibody efficacy. Following graduation, she worked in the Rong Fan lab at Yale University in the Biomedical Engineering Department where she fabricated single-cell transcriptomic and proteomic devices to investigate CAR-T cell therapy in collaboration with Carl June. As an Immunology PhD student at UPenn with NSF-GRFP funding, Amanda is looking to pursue her interests in bioinformatics, immuno-oncology, immunotherapeutics, cellular engineering, T cells, and/or the solid TME, using innovative approaches to investigate all of the above.

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