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Andrew Zhao

Andrew Zhao is an artist, an entrepreneur, and has been branded a visionary by many. From the time he was a little boy, Andrew has loved to create. Throughout childhood he pored over books about the future and idolized the great creators and innovators of history. Andrew’s interest in business ownership was further fueled by reading revolutionary business books in his adolescence.

He has built many successful online communities throughout his life, including an internet forum that had thousands of active users when he was still a teenager.

To date Andrew has had a very successful sales career. At 27 years of age he has sold more than a million dollars of enterprise-level contracts.

He recently left his corporate career to pursue his passion, his gloving company called Throwlights ( after raising seed financing for the business. In less than two months of working on the business full-time, sales have more than doubled.

Andrew don’t mess with dreaming small. He likes words that end with -illion, especially if they start with ‘b’. He believes that gloving will evolve into a multi-billion dollar industry over the next decade or so. You heard it here first and you will watch it happen!

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