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Benjamin Chatson

Benjamin Chatson originally from Ohio, currently resides in South Florida. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics, and for twelve years, worked as an outside technician and expert trouble shooter for At&t. Well traveled in different personal development arenas, and has invested thousands of volunteer hours as a trainer and a coach with multiple organizations. In June of 2016, he attained his Trainer Certification with Trainer Designs Global. Benjamin made his way into sales 5 years ago. What he discovered is that it was actually him that made the job, and not the other way around.

Benjamin has with ease, been producing consistently stellar results as a sales professional for an extended period of more than a few years. His approach is very simple, and relatable for people. He also has a passion for and consults with entrepreneurs and businesses on improving and developing their mindset around sales, as well as their work environments to maximize potential and improve results.

He also mentors. Freely passing on information he has discovered for himself, in a number of domains. Including but not limited to sales and relationships, but also mindset management.

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Phone: 561-320-8561

“Value is the seed of contribution. When people recognize their value, they step up and contribute.”

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