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Chris Merriman

Chris is a successful real estate investor, entrepreneur, speaker & philanthropist who has built a multi-million-dollar portfolio in just 5 years. He has grown his wealth through fix-n-flips, short-term rentals, corporate housing and creative deal structures and is a noted consultant and speaker both internationally and domestically.

In addition to running his companies and being an avid traveler in search of new concepts and knowledge, he takes pride in helping savvy entrepreneurs like you elevate your business and dominate in your niche.

Chris has funneled his experience into personalized consults and master courses that will help you be your own boss and live life on your terms. He has helped clients go from frustrated and ready to give up their businesses to being completely refocused and energized.

His mission is to help you OWN this entrepreneurial game, and create PERSONAL FREEDOM for yourself. All of his content is geared towards this goal. He knows the struggle of building a successful business intimately… He has built a million-dollar business from the ground on up!

His areas of expertise include how to cultivate healthy exit strategies, active vs. Inactive income, creative financing, sourcing private money, asset protection, due diligence and how to create six-figure flips.

He is aggressively expanding his operations and is here to help you elevate your business. He will help to distinctly identify what types of real estate strategy works best for you and how to avoid the pitfalls he found himself in.

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