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Drew Berman

Drew Berman is an international speaker, bestselling author, avid traveler, triathlete, adventurer, and a Peak Performance Strategist. Berman has a background and expertise in marketing, sales, team building, and international business development. He is focused on helping networkers and entrepreneurs with the skills, habits, and mindset they need to have more fun and flexibility in their business and their life.

When he’s not running, building, and supporting his teams or speaking and training around the world assisting people from their first customer to their first million, he is home in Connecticut with his wife, Corey, and sons, Tyler and Noah.

After taking a yearlong, thirty-five-country, 200-person, 20,000-mile bicycle tour around the world in the year 2000, Berman found himself BBB—“busy but broke”—selling Real Estate in New York City. Chasing the feeling of freedom he felt from his bike adventure, he discovered the world of personal development. He now helps networkers and entrepreneurs create more money, more time, and more magic. Drew is available to speak and train on a number of topics including the superpower of influence, integrity-based selling, the law of collaboration, and the Hello to Yes Formula.

Drew Berman is a Success Maverick. You can connect with Drew by simply booking a one-to-one complimentary consultation at

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