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Eric Holst

Eric Holst is the co-founder of the Marketplace, the exclusive marketplace for coaches and consultants to spotlight their brilliance through their coaching products and services. After more than twenty years as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry, Eric left corporate America in 2009 to follow in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps. Shortly after opening his business, he realized he desperately needed sales skills. He found a great coach who taught him how to sell. This training helped land his first client, who is still a customer to this day. In 2020 a new opportunity would present itself that would leverage his years of writing hundreds of technical training documents plus those sales skills he had learned years earlier. Marketplace was developed to provide a centralized platform where all coaching products and services could be offered. Eric wants everyone to have the same opportunity to better their lives with the help of a coach, just as he did. Eric teaches coaches and consultants how to grow their businesses using online courses. He lives in Gilbert, Arizona, with his wife, Heather.

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