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Esteban Perez

Esteban (Logan) Perez is a Motivational Coach, Speaker, Network Marketer & Author. His Passion is to Empower others by Helping them Shift their Mindset & Achieve their Goals in Life. He Helps His Clients By Identifying their Personality Traits and Creating a Step by Step Plan to Level Up every Aspect of their Life. It’s all about Structure & Committing to a Consistent Daily Routine. Esteban Spent over 30 Years Working in Corporate America & Didn’t Feel Fulfilled. Something Was Lacking. He Soon Realized Corporate America wasn’t his Ticket to the Life he Wanted. He Began his Journey of Entrepreneurship & Followed his Inner Voice. It’s About Designing the Life you Want. Through Personal Development & Taking Consistent Action, he Stepped out of His Comfort Zone, Built Up His Self Confidence and Decided to Go for His Dreams of being a Motivational Coach. Simply By Changing his Daily Habits & Committing to them, he’s Creating a Successful Life for Himself by Servicing Others. At The End of the day It’s About Impacting People’s Lives. When not Working on his Businesses, Esteban Spends time with his Family & Beautiful Fiancee Emma, soon to be Wife. He Resides in the North Bronx & looks Forward to Relocating to South Jersey in the immediate Future.


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