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Janice Bell

Janice always loved nature and biology and started her career with a Ph.D in Marine Biology. Faced with scarce job prospects in academia, she learned Molecular Biology, moved across the country as a single mother and transitioned into the Biotech industry. After working at a few startups, she learned that layoffs and job changes were the norm. She sought more financial stability, so she decided to expand her 3 rentals into full time real estate investing. After countless books, tapes (CD’s) and seminars, she owned 60 rental units including several apartment buildings.

The next 5 years were about employees and managing the managers. When her tenants lost jobs during the Great Recession, she learned more about leverage and private lending. She mastered the art of finding private money to fund her flips. She hosts a monthly RE Club, mentoring private lenders and real estate investors on how to find and work with each other. She coaches and trains RE students, incorporating NLP with her RE knowledge to coach her students beyond their fears and limitations to success.

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