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JD Buckridge

JD Buckridge has been encouraging and empowering individuals in both the private and public sectors for more than twenty years. He began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of eleven, pushing a lawnmower door to door and then purchasing his first lawn and landscaping company at the age of fifteen. JD continued his journey on both small and large stages in the years to come as a coach, trainer, and consultant. Currently he resides in Joplin, Missouri, with his family, where he is the founder and president of Higher Vision Coaching.Training.Consulting, as well as an owner and partner of multiple It’s Bugs Or Us Pest Control franchises. In addition to coaching and training others in their entrepreneurial efforts, JD enjoys opportunities in real estate investing with one of his lifelong best friends.

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Be A Success Maverick - How Ordinary People Do It Different To Achieve Extraordinary Results

Volume 3

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