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Justin Mendonez

Justin Mendonez is a New Jersey native and hails from the northeast hustle. He attended Boston University where he focused on business and entrepreneurial activities. Justin graduated in one of the toughest years in America’s history, the months that followed the 9/11 attacks. The job market was bleak and outlook not so positive. However, with determination and encouragement, Justin was able to land a career on Wall St. as a commodities risk arbitrage trader. He also purchased his first investment house in the Poconos, PA around the same time. A few years later, with an entrepreneurial spirit, he went on to open up healthcare clinics and medical equipment companies throughout north Jersey. The company expanded into Austin, TX and so did his real estate investing. Justin is a coach, consultant and hungry entrepreneur. When he’s not busy with business, he loves to spend time his beautiful wife from Medellin, Colombia and tight nit family. He also enjoys learning, speaking, making friends and eating. Justin is always looking to expand his network and make new friends. His favorite all time food is Pizza, but it has to be from Jersey or Brooklyn. He also enjoys Texas BBQ and TexMex.

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