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Kevin Vibert

Born to Eileen Mary (Hawkes) and John Witherspoon Vibert on the 31st of May 1955 in Harford CT. The sixth of eleven Vibert children, Kevin would come to be considered the quintessential middle child. Growing up Middle class in Unionville CT, a small industrial/farming community along the great Farmington River, in a family house his father had also grown up in, at 90 Main St. With a large family to support, the importance of hard work and financial income was understood at a very early age; By age eight Kevin oversaw delivery and collections of one of the five Vibert/Hartford Courant Paper Routes, learning from his parents and siblings the promise of working hard as an entrepreneur towards dreams of success.

In the next ten years Kevin, as the youngest of the oldest, and the oldest of the youngest Vibert child, would get many lessons in team work and leadership. With dreams of seeing the world Kevin at eighteen graduated from High School and joined the United States Air Force beginning a four-year tour of duty as a C130 Aircraft Crew Chief. Having earned an Honorable Discharge in 1977 in Honolulu, HI, Kevin contemplate island life for several months, but ultimately big-family ties would bring him back to Connecticut and a new and long-lasting career as a computer systems consultant.

For the next 30 years Kevin would live in many cities in the US, ending back up in CT to raise his late-in-life daughters India and Asia five miles from where he grew up. He is now working on his next life project – Unchained Financial Success, cutting the ties between time and money.

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