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Michelle Guinn

Michelle Guinn is a Daily Habits specialist, speaker, author, and coach who has found her passion helping others become even more successful. So many people have lost the vision to know what they really want in life. Michelle helps her clients step back from your daily routine to rediscover YOU through elevating your mindset, redefining your goals, and upgrading your daily habits.

Michelle spent over 25 years working for Fortune 500 companies until she could no longer ignore her feeling of being unfulfilled. She followed her instinct and was able to break out of the cycle of her comfort zone to reimagine her life and her future. Through taking massive action Michelle created a new success path in life.

Michelle is proof that adopting new habits in mindset and daily activity can completely change your life. She is passionate about helping others to understand that your current life and circumstances do not dictate your future. Michelle is proof that taking action, developing the right mindset, and replacing your daily habits can drive you to your greatest, most inspired life.

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