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Patrick Kluge

This is a story about how a “C” student that was never a morning person learned his craft and started a successful business and has the motivation to start another business while continually learning. I am a business man in the Medical Equipment sector.

I started as a child with a fascination of what made things work. My Dad gave me a book that I treasured. It was simply titled “How Things Work”. I would like to dedicate my chapter of this book to my Father “Ino Karl Kluge” who encouraged me to learn the skills that interested me, specifically electronics at a young age.

My father knew that it was best to help me get to the environment that I needed to thrive in, rather than impeding my growth. My mother on the other hand wanted a son that would be a Doctor or a Lawyer. She’s gotten over that by now. I have always been passionate about electronics and am happy that my parents support allowed me to follow the electronics path. I have trained several high caliber technicians and will continue to do so.

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