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Randy Tate

Randy is a self-made entrepreneur known for his business leadership and expert corporate organizational skills. For the last 10+ years he has trained thousands of employees and innovative businesses on how to market effectively and build sustainable growth for their companies.

His fascination for innovative technologies had led him to one of the fastest growing software companies called Infusionsoft, which peaked with over 150,000 software users. As the VP of Business Training for customers, he developed and oversaw the expansion of the "Elite Business Education" program.

He is now the Co-founder and CEO of iFlip Investor, an AI powered software company that has changed the way people invest their personal and retirement accounts. His vision and passion are to empower all individuals to grow wealth for the future with the help of innovative solutions.

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Be A Success Maverick - How Ordinary People Do It Different To Achieve Extraordinary Results

Volume 2

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