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Rose Santiago

Rose Santiago is a proud mother, author of “Live your True Essence” Learn 12 Secrets that will Empower your mind, balance your Body and Enlighten your Spirit, owner of True Essence Coaching and founder and partner of Mariposa Essence. She is a powerful speaker, mentor and looks for opportunities to help others find their truth.

As an entrepreneur, Rose loves sharing her ideas, thoughts, and philosophies with the world. She has learned key principles and simple strategies to help inspire others to take action towards living a more fulfilling essence.

With her almost 20 years in the research and sales of essential oils, mindfulness, and spiritual enlightenment, Rose knows first-hand how to create real transformation through self-awareness. Rose Santiago has spoken in small businesses, schools and conventions and has made an impact on helping people to tap into their most authentic self to create a new vision of their future. Through her published book, Rose’s intention is to equip people with powerful tools and simple techniques to assist them in learning how to live from an elevated state of being despite life conditioning, limiting beliefs and disempowering thoughts.

Learn more about Rose Santiago at her website, Contact her for your next workshop, training seminar, or special event by emailing her at: Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Linked-in. Or, check out her inspirational videos on YouTube at RoseSantiago.Author.

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