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Samual R. Garwood

Sam Garwood is from the small town of Edwardsburg Michigan where he is the owner and founder of a HVAC company since 2002. His company has serviced the greater Michiana area for over 15 years.

Sam’s exploration in the field of personal development started in the early 90’s and has led him to become a sanctioned speaker for The Global Information Network and then certified as a Trainer by Trainer Design Global and the Gratitude Training. Sam has mentored other HVAC business owners and spent thousands of hours as a success/accountability coach. Sam is now reinventing the way marketing is done in his industry through the spirit of Giving.

Sam was diagnosed with severe Crones disease at 18 years of age and has taught himself to manage crones disease through the power of food without ever needing surgery and not needing any prescriptions for over 15 years with little to no symptoms. Sam has spent countless hours studying the body, food, and health to achieve this. Therefore, Sam knows what it takes to meet the challenges of work and personal life together.

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