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Treena Reilkoff

Treena Reilkoff believes in the power and influence of our own resiliency. Treena has encountered experiences that many people will never face in their lifetime. She has fostered a resilient mindset, that aligns with bringing lived experiences to her workshops.

Treena is a Trauma Informed Conflict Management & Resiliency Specialist, with experience in mediating, coaching, consulting, and providing workplace assessments to address unresolved conflict and improve workplace cultures. She is an international workshop facilitator on becoming Trauma Informed and Resiliency.

Treena’s passion is about helping leaders and organizations turn their conflicts, adversities, and traumas into sources of resilient skills, knowledge and risk management frameworks that provide the narrative to build one’s Leadership Legacy. Her “conflict resilient” collaborative approach provides indispensable elements toward creating psychologically safe workplaces and inter-generational resiliency.

Treena Reilkoff is the founder of TLR Solutions 4 Conflict and holds the following qualifications of Executive Certificate in Conflict Management, Qualified Trauma Informed Mediator, Workplace Fairness Assessment & Restoration Analyst, Workplace Psychological Health & Safety Advisor, Certified in Critical Incident Stress Management, Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Treena lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and loves adventure, travel and creating memories. A regular practice of hers is taking the “Rocking Chair Test” as a means to enhance her resilience management, for the next unexpected event, while having a motto of “Living With No Regrets.”

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