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Yvonne Turner

Yvonne Turner is the founding member and CEO of Silver Healing LLC and a best-selling published author. She began her life in poverty coming from a lower income neighborhood with bleak opportunities for success. Yvonne married and spent the next 20 years traveling the world as a military spouse. She has two beautiful children that have found success in their careers and two grandchildren that provide her motivation to continue her already successful path bringing opportunity and good natural health to others throughout the world. Yvonne started her career doing odd jobs while supporting her husband’s career, working as an accounting clerk, data entry specialist, Insurance examiner completing physicals on patients and community nursing. Later Yvonne was hired as a health event and volunteer coordinator establishing herself as a major facility event planner for VIP Events that supported the US Military and its affiliates. This job enabled her to make essential contacts throughout the military medical community and assisted her by providing her with the opportunity to work directly with the late Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. Unfortunately her reasonable success came to an end when her husband was reassigned in Europe.

Returning to the states was followed by her long term dream of becoming a nurse. Working more than 10 years assisting to save lives as a nurse, Yvonne ended her career in management, where she was able to coach others with the experience she gained. However, this dream as well was not to continue due to the stress and demand of being a nurse. Ending her career as an extraordinary nurse left Yvonne feeling lost with no purpose in life. Her passions for helping others was what she knew she was meant to do. Bringing natural homeopathic treatments and motivation to the world would only fulfill her inner feed to make our world a healthier place for everyone. After building her support team of coaches including the Maverick Team, Yvonne’s life would change forever. The coaching they provided her was put into play and successfully implemented into her success. This allowed her to bring her dream to life by providing the foundation for her to help others reach a new level of good health, energy, and joy for those in need through Silver Healing.

Yvonne is available for natural energy healing transformation either one on one or with a group. If you are ready to become the best version of yourself contacting Yvonne would be your first step in changing your life forever. Rejuvenate yourself by contacting Yvonne through social media on Facebook at Silver Healer Mentorship.

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